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Naked College Girls Don’t Care

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Guys, I thoroughly embarrassed myself trying to talk to a college girl on cam the other night. I don’t know what got into me, but I thought conversation might enhance the experience. The thing is, I can talk to MILFs and matures no problem. But give me a pretty young thing and it’s like I try taking on a whole new persona just so I can present myself as a cool older guy. I fail. I fail hard.

So there I was really enjoying the flirting in free chat. It seemed to be a slow night for the girl. I thought I’d chat her up for a bit before going private with her. Maybe it would make her like me more and want to give me special treatment. But I have no fucking clue what to talk to a 20-year-old about. So I brought up Kanye West deleting all of his social media accounts. I mentioned how I read he did it for his mental health. Then I tried going deep and philosophical about how we are all too dependent on the internet and it’s ruining society. I was just bullshitting for the sake of bullshitting. Then some other dude came into chat and pointed out that I was literally using the internet to complain about the internet. Then the cam girl started laughing at me and he took her private.

This is the site I was on: Don’t be a dumb ass like me when you go there. Just stick to paying to see pussy.

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