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Wow, what a long day that was. First, I was almost an hour late getting to work so that meant my boss was cranky with me and I had to stay back another hour to make things right. Then when I was leaving for work I found my car had a flat tire, could it get any worse? I guess that was a silly question to ask because it was bound to happen.

I finally made it home only to find out I had missed my favorite cam girls live show. This was starting to get out of hand and I considered just calling it a night and going to bed. Maybe I would wake up to a better day, but that was going to have to wait because I just remembered I had adult cams to watch at Camstir. I didn’t have to worry about missing out on any of these, not when they have all of the best-recorded cam shows to explore. My day got off to a bad start but thankfully it isn’t going to end like I thought it would.

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