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Did the Stars Align?

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I was literally just talking about how impressed I was with cam sites lately. Not even that long ago, just a handful of years or so, they sucked. They really were just there to collect your cash and trap the desperate. It was totally exploitative and the impression I got that the only guys spending any time there were total geeks. Guys with decent enough jobs so that they had some cash, but also so socially awkward that they had to resort the chat rooms to get their rocks off as they were just not going to manage in real life.

It has instead developed into something that is entertainment for the masses and the taboo of it is long gone. It is something that everyone does these days and everyone is welcome. It’s not just girls performing for guys anymore, everyone is there.

It’s also mostly free and really up to you as viewer to decide if and how much you wish to contribute, unless you have some very special requests like 1-on-1 private shows and then you can check out these adult webcam discounts.


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